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Worx1 – Top-Notch BPO for the United States

Discover solutions to increase productivity and profits while reducing costs and improving processes.

BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) is gaining more and more strength in business optimization and efficiency throughout the United States. A BPO consists of the subcontracting of functions or business processes to specialized service providers. In other words, it involves assigning external entities specific activities that have a direct impact on the business with the aim of improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing productivity.

The most important ways you can reduce your costs by negotiating these processes are:

  • Via payroll: through offshore hiring of qualified and bilingual labor.
  • Process optimization: selecting a professional who identifies the current processes and provides new ideas on how to approach them in an optimized way.
  • Tax reduction: in the reduction of direct payroll, workstations, and rent.

Reduction of property, plant, and equipment: Reducing the load of liabilities in the financial balances.

Why Worx1 BPO Solutions?

In the market, we are used to associating BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) only with customer service providers. However, the top-notch proposal offered by Worx1 goes beyond traditional offers and focuses on generating a true high-performance alliance. At Worx1 you will find a team available to review key points in your business that you can optimize by hiring highly qualified bilingual personnel, which will allow you to increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.

This is How you Speed up your Business

In Worx1 you can find support in the following categories for your business.

  • Business Solutions: by identifying the needs of your business, Worx1 will design efficient and optimized processes so you can take your business to the next level.
  • Staffing: Worx1 will fill your positions with highly qualified personnel at the right job, at right time.
  • Recruitment: Worx1 has extensive experience hiring qualified personnel.
  • Training: Worx1 will design a procedures manual (Worxpedia) for you so that you can achieve the objectives set.
  • Payroll: don’t worry about the payment process of your staff, Worx1 can handle everything and you don’t even have to assume the taxes or any other extra cost.
  • Marketing: you will find support in the creation of digital accounts, branding campaigns, social media management, generation of commercial leads, SEO, and more.

We are very Proud to Invite you to Discover Worx1’s Services and Boost your Business as we Have!

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