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clock July 11, 2018

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An Employer’s Guide to Workers Comp Requirements in Florida

Floridians lost 309 people as a result of workplace accidents and injuries in 2016. Up from the previous year, the number of accidents and fatalities in Florida is growing faster than anywhere else in the nation. The state outperforms the national average in falls, trips, slips, and exposure to harmful substances or environments. You might think that you… Continue reading An Employer’s Guide to Workers Comp Requirements in Florida

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clock October 21, 2016

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Workers’ Compensation Classification Code

Proper Workers’ Comp classification codes, Explained.  ​ Even the National Council Compensation Insurance (NCCI) recognizes the complexity of the Workers’ Compensation classification system; however, proper classification is of most importance as it makes a big difference in rates and premiums. NCCI has created a system of 600 plus classification codes, with the intention of covering… Continue reading Workers’ Compensation Classification Code