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Workers Comp provides coverage for all full-time and part-time employees and may cover owners and officers depending on the application and the owner’s inclusion or exclusion on the policy.

In most states, owners and officers can choose whether they want to be excluded or included in coverage. Some states require an additional form filed to either exclude owners or to include owners in coverage. In Florida, up to three officers of a construction company can be exempt from workers comp as long as they meet the requirements below.

Construction Industry Standard Items To Be Eligible To File An Exemption


  • The corporation must be registered and active with the Florida Division of Corporations
  • The applicant must be listed as an officer of the corp
  • The officer must have at least 10% ownership of the corp
  • No more than three officers of the corp or LLC may be exempt.
  • Ask one of our brokers if you want us to file the exemption on your behalf for a small fee
  • Applicant cannot be affiliated with an ACTIVE Stop Work Order

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

  • The LLC must be registered and active with the Florida Division of Corporations
  • The applicant must attest to a minimum 10 percent ownership of the LLC.
  • No more than three officers of the LLC may be exempt
  • We can process the application on your behalf for a nominal fee
  • Applicant cannot be affiliated with an ACTIVE Stop Work Order

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