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clock March 9, 2021

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How to Keep Employees Happy: A Guide

Did you know only 20% of American employees are satisfied with their jobs? Businesses need to focus on more than just their customers’ needs. They also have to keep their employees happy.

Satisfied employees not only reduce employee turnover. Happy employees are more productive and enthusiastic about their job, improving their performance.

How do you ensure you’re keeping your employees happy? Some common methods are being transparent, keeping a proper work-life balance, offering great benefits, and even just saying “thank you.”

But are these the only methods? If you want to know how to keep employees happy, here are some helpful and creative methods.

Make Your Staff Part of the Big Picture

When your staff members are passionate and enthusiastic about their jobs, they want to be part of the big leagues. This means allowing them to guide the company by providing their insights and finding ways to improve your processes.

This is why all companies should invite their staff to company meetings and events. Let them take the direction of their department and even the company as a whole. Your employees will feel more engaged and will appreciate being apart of your team.

Prioritize a Work-Life Balance

This was already mentioned, but it’s a crucial part of employee satisfaction. That’s why it deserves its own section.

Your employees have a life outside of the office. They have families, friends, hobbies, and may just enjoy some downtime on occasion. Find ways to improve your employees’ work-life balance.

This not only improves employee satisfaction but also makes your business competitive. For example, if you offer remote work opportunities, talented hires will likely choose your company over a competitor that doesn’t offer this benefit.

Offer More Vacation Time

Another way you can improve work-life balance is by offering more vacation time. All workers should have extra time off, other than holidays and sick days. Vacation days are essential for workers to travel or even just see their families.

Be Transparent

Sometimes, all your employees want is to know they can trust you. While many employees may provide feedback to management, how many managers actually act out on their wants and needs? This is why transparency is essential.

Listen closely when staff members give feedback. State you understand their concerns and reiterate the concerns they shared. From here, state what course of action you’ll take. If you haven’t decided, explain you need a few days to come to a decision — but act out on your word.

From here, share your course of action with the whole staff — not just the one employee. This also shows your entire organization that you’re willing to listen and act on feedback.

Create Career Pathways

No employee wants to be stuck working the same role for decades. The easiest way to know how to make your employees happy is by offering career pathways. When you create roles, create a way for employees to advance. Inform your staff of these roles so they can always try to work toward them.

If your staff doesn’t feel there are career opportunities within your business, they will eventually leave to find something better.

Not sure how to create career pathways? Talk to your staff. You can also offer career mentoring and training. Remind them that there are not only opportunities but they can help create and improve them.

Create Communication Areas

Devote an area for you and your staff to come together and brainstorm ideas. Even if your conversations are only casual, you’re all still collaborating and connecting.

Where should you hold this area? The perfect example is the break room. However, let employees join in — even outside of their break. This area should be a place for employees to unwind, seek advice, and more.

No matter where you hold this area, make it inviting. Adorn this area with tables, nice furniture, and even snacks and beverages.

Encourage Them

The old-fashioned way of encouraging employees was to give them raises. While no employee will say no to extra money, your staff wants something more. They want encouragement — even just to know they’re doing a great job.

You can also reward your employees in other ways, especially for major projects. Buy lunch for your employee, give them a gift card, reward them with merchandise, and more.

With that being said…

Say Thank You

Your employees work tirelessly for at least eight hours a day. After a long day of work, a “thank you” feels better than you think. There are even more ways to say thank you. Host shout outs regularly to everyone at all levels of your organization.

This is a simple and free practice that all companies can do. When your employees feel appreciated, it is something they will value forever.

Promote a Positive Work Environment

Sometimes, all employees want is to work at a job that isn’t toxic. Happy employees equal a happy company, plain and simple. The best way to do this is why promoting a positive work environment.

Promise an inclusive workplace where everyone can be themselves. Stay passionate about social issues and any other interests your staff has. Even business trips and outings can make the job more fun and rewarding.

Protecting your employees is also important. You should also have a firm policy against discrimination and violence so employees feel comfortable at work.

The Boss Should Be Happy, Too

Don’t forget about your own satisfaction! When the boss is in a good mood, everyone will be more upbeat and positive. While leading a company can be stressful, try to find the positives in life and make all staff members feel happy.

Offer Unique Benefits

Sure, all staff members expect health insurance and retirement plans. But there are even more competitive benefits that you can offer. Disability and life insurance are great examples.

Go beyond health insurance. Offer optical and dental insurance. You can even provide a free gym membership to ensure that your employees stay active and healthy. If your staff members take public transportation, offer to pay for their transit expenses.

Many of your staff members have families. Refund them for any childcare and nanny expenses.

When you start understanding what benefits your employees want, they will be more enthusiastic about working for your company.

How to Keep Employees Happy: Offer the Best Benefits

Do you want to know how to keep employees happy? While all of this advice is effective, your employees will appreciate great benefits.

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