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clock February 12, 2020

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5 Biggest Mistakes That Complicate Workers’ Compensation Claims

Sometimes unexpected events can weigh a heavy toll on the situations you and your family are put through.

Such is the case when you sustain an injury while on the job. It can leave you out of work and with pricey medical bills to pay on your way to recovery.

It’s important to file a claim for workers’ compensation and get the money you need to get back on track.

However, there are several mistakes you’ll need to avoid in the process.

Here’s some free workers’ comp advice on the mistakes you need to dodge so as not to compromise your case.

1. Not Visiting a Doctor ASAP

As soon as you sustain an injury that interferes with your livelihood and ability to work, your top priority should be getting the medical attention you need.

First off, it can be the difference between recovering in a timely fashion and dealing with the permanent effects of the injury that never heal properly.

Secondly, you need to see a doctor, listen to the advice that they give you, and follow every single step they give you to a “T”. Not doing so can later be used against you as the insurance company tries to prove your injury isn’t as severe.

Third, not seeking medical attention right away will seem suspicious to your employer’s insurance company. They’ll argue “If your injury is as bad as you said it was, why wouldn’t you seek medical attention for it as soon as possible?”

You’re risking two things if you don’t seek a doctor’s attention right away: your well-being and your workers’ compensation claim. Neither one should be left to chance.

2. Not Reporting the Injury Right Away

Are you noticing a trend yet? Every step of filing a claim for your workers’ compensation needs to be done with as much urgency as possible.

Especially with the process of reporting it. That needs to be done as quickly as possible.

Don’t try to be a hero. Your employer has workers’ compensation for two reasons: to protect you and because they’re required to.

You won’t be setting your company back by seeking workers’ compensation for your injuries. As soon as you file a claim for it, the employer’s insurance company will be the one reaching a settlement amount.

Because of that, it’s important that you inform your boss of your injury as soon as it happens. After they’ve been made aware of your injury, they have exactly 24 hours to provide you with their insurance’s workers comp claim form.

Once you’re given that claim form, fill it out to its entirety as much as possible.

If you never tell your employer of your injury on the job, the claim process can’t start. 

3. Not Hiring an Attorney

The argument can be made that this is the biggest mistake you can make in the entire process. 

Some people have the misconception that it will cost them thousands of dollars to hire an attorney for their workers’ compensation claim. Wrong!

Not hiring an attorney to oversee your case will cost you thousands of dollars. You’ll either end up settling for an amount far below what you need or losing your case altogether.

Think about it this way: you’ll be going up against an insurance company whose sole purpose of their job is to pay you as little as possible. How can you hope to beat them in their own field of expertise?

Find yourself an attorney with the experience and know-how to calculate the workers’ comp amount you need and see it through to the end.

4. Signing Documentation Without the Presence of an Attorney

As previously mentioned, it’s vital to your claim that you have an experienced attorney on your side. Now that you have that, don’t do anything regarding your case without them.

Many people make the mistake of signing documentation without seeking their attorney’s approval before doing so.

The very piece of paper that you’re signing on the dotted line could be the demise of your entire case. 

Make no mistake about it, the insurance company will make you feel as if you have to sign that documentation right away. Don’t let them fool you. Contact your attorney the moment any piece of documentation is presented to you.

5. Not Being Completely Honest

Some people make the mistake of trying to use their workplace injury as a way of getting more money than they need for compensation.

To do that, they’ll exaggerate the severity of the injury they have and lie about other aspects of their case to get more money.

If you go down that road, your greed will be your inevitable demise. Sure, you have attorney-client privilege that prevents your lawyer from telling on you. However, insurance companies can hire private eyes to catch your fibs.

There have literally been workers’ comp cases destroyed by a private eye filming the injured worker walking on a leg without crutches when they said it was impossible to walk.

Be as truthful with your case as possible. The clearer your story is, the more likely you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

Take This Free Workers’ Comp Advice Into Consideration

Now that you’ve seen all the mistakes to avoid making, use those nuggets of free workers’ comp advice to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article on the essential benefits of workers’ comp insurance for more information on the details to look for.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

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