Workers Compensation Specialists

What is Workers Compensation?

Business Insurance that provides wage replacement & medical benefits to a person that is injured on the job. When the person receives these benefits they accept they will relinquish all rights to sue for negligence.


Does this happen to you?


Are you overwhelmed by human resources, payroll and a host of other paperwork?


Is your worker’s comp insurance in jeopardy?

Does growing your bottom line seem like a thing of the past?

What is a PEO brokerage firm?

A business to business relationship firm.


We are the leading workers compensation specialists in Miami, FL. Our company operates as a PEO brokerage Firm developing business to business relationships between the PEO’s within our network and our clients. We have developed relationships with dozens of PEO’s allowing us to do the shopping FOR you in order to find the best solution to meet the needs of your business. Our network is constantly expanding in efforts to ALWAYS have solutions for ANY size company in ANY industry. The PEO arrangement allows you to concentrate on maintaining and growing your bottom line. Our professional specialists will work with your company to provide comprehensive and affordable payroll, employee benefit deduction processing and human resource solutions

Years of experience

Businesses in today’s global economy need assistance in managing these increasingly complex employee-related matters. For example, many business owners are not aware that workers compensation insurance requirements may vary depending on the state you are located in, the nature of the business, and the number of employees you have. In an effort to provide quality services to our clients, National Workman’s Comp Solutions presents affordable workers compensation quotes from the PEO’s within our network specializing in YOUR industry.


Industry Risk Factors

At National Workman’s Comp Solutions, we understand there are significant risks in certain industries that cannot be avoided. The carriers and PEO’s within our network insure all types of risk factors








General contractors & construction

High risk manufacturing




Brokers & dealers

Office staff services

Accounting & legal services

Real estate & property management

Health services


Were here to help you

National Workman’s Comp Solutions is here to meet your company’s unique needs. No risk is too hard for us. Our main focus is to give you the Best, Fast and Friendly Service!

Fast service is our goal to offer the appropriate worker’s compensation coverage for your business while issuing workers compensation certificates of insurance or employee leasing service in a manner that saves you time and money.


Friendly service helping you reduce your company’s financial burden. We will manage complex employee related matters such as health benefits, payroll tax compliance, and unemployment insurance tax claims.


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