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Workers Compensation Specialist

The PEO's and carrier's in our network insure all risk factors including;

High Hazard Risks
• Roofing
• General Contractors, & Construction
• High Risk Manufacturing
• Staffing Agencies
• Landscaping
• Home Health Care
• Mold Remediation/Asbestos
• High Experience Mods

PEO Employee Leasing

As a PEO brokerage firm specializing in Employee Leasing policies, we shop thru dozens of PEO’s within our network to make sure you are placed with the top PEO for your industry while ensuring that you do NOT overpay for coverage.

Premium Refund Program Saving you money

This program not only allows you to receive discounts by as much as 20%. Most importantly you can receive REFUNDS of up to 10% of the premium you pay EACH YEAR while you are in the program.

Stand Alone Pay as you Go

Our partnering company Florida National Insurance Solutions will process your application with over 45 A rated carriers, specializing in hard to write workman's compensation policies.  Including;  

 General Contractors
• Landscaping
• Hospitality

• Manufacturing

Payroll & Tax Filing Services(ASO)

In house payroll services & tax filing for our clients including processing employee payrolls, W2's, calculating tax deductions for the employer and employee. 

 Online Access to statements
• File your quarterly RT6
• File your 941's

We are your Workers Comp Solution!


  • Workers Compensation Specialists
  • PEO Employee Leasing 
  • Reduced Employee Liability
  • Zero to Low Deductibles
  • Program Integrates transparently into your business process 
  • Up to date Information on Labor Regulations and Worker's Rights
  • Fast Worker's Comp Certificates and same day approvals
  • No Audits
  • Pay as you go option (no long term contracts)
  •  Payroll & Tax Filing (ASO)
  • Specialists Versed in Business Strategies and Solutions 
  • Premium Refund Program
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The Top PEO Workers Compensation Brokers 

We serve you,  the business owner by providing practical solutions for your workers’ comp and human resources . 

We also service over 1,000 businesses nationwide, with over 45 different A+ Rated Insurance Carriers and Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s), we have policy solutions for EVERY industry and tailor our services to the specific needs of the business.


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