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   Administrative Services Organization (ASO)

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What is Administrative Services Organization (ASO)? 

Outsourced Human Resource Services. A payroll service with comprehensive options, including easy to use HR resources.
Professional services that can help you manage your employees and business. 

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If you’re like most small business owners, payroll and HR issues can really pull your focus from managing your day-to-day operations. And it’s no wonder. Complex state and federal employment laws can make finding the answers to your questions and staying compliant seem like a full-time job.


Through our partnership with ADP®, we offer payroll with HR resources that can help improve the management of your people and your risk so you can get back to focusing on your business. With our unique solution, you’ll be empowered to help meet your compliance requirements with access to best practices, powerful tools and expert resources.

Complete Payroll and HR Resources

Employee Access

Employees can find answers with online access to an up-to-date payroll history, reducing the number of questions you’ll receive.

General Ledger Interface

Export journal entries from ADP into QuickBooks®, Xero, Cre- ative Solutions or a generic output file — without re keying data.

Payroll Preview

Preview payroll results before processing to reduce errors

Electronic Reports

View, access, export and print over 15 different reports online.

Tax Filing

We’ll calculate, deposit, file and reconcile your payroll taxes — and respond to inquiries from taxing agencies regarding the returns we file for you.

New Hire 

Helps protect your company from penalties due to mistakes or late filings

Payment Options: 

Choose from three ways to pay your employees:


The most secure paycheck in the industry signed and sealed with 10 advanced fraud protection features.

Full-Service Direct Deposit

The quickest way to pay your employees — on payday, pay is automatically deposited in each employee’s account.


Pay employees electronically on a re loadable Visa pre- paid debit card.

Garnishment Payment Service 

A cost-effective, comprehensive solution that helps you manage all aspects of your wage garnishment processing.

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

Have your State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) automatically deposited and filed on your behalf.


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